This club provided me with the opportunity to meet some amazing women from all over the world. I have cultivated some life-long friendships through AWC and for that, I will be forever grateful.
-Katie P., member since 2012
I became an AWC member about 2 years ago and felt I’d finally found people who understand my sense of humour! As I began attending events I felt I wanted to get even more involved, so I became the newsletter publisher. I’m originally from MN and have been in NZ for 7 years. Finding the AWC was the best moment of my life here in New Zealand! The members are warm, compassionate, and lots of fun! The members are very helpful with advice on a variety of issues — where to find American products, which agencies to contact for help and many other things. The AWC is now my NZ family. I hope to be able to meet every AWC member to discuss ways of building this club better every year.
-Lisa E., member since 2011
It is so nice to read the feelings of our new members of AWC. I joined the club in 1972 and it has been the best decision I have taken. For all these years it has given me so many fine memories. Back then, joining did for me just what our new members are expressing now. We become a family. We care for each other. We share our affection for one another as if we had known each other all our lives. We watch our families grow. We celebrate the births and comfort the grievings. There seems to be a warmth in each of our contacts which appears to bring the American feeling of closeness. We laugh a lot; we talk a lot; we visit a lot. We develop friendships with deep affection and they last many years. I have been the club historian and photographer for thirty years. The photo books go back all those years and each time they are viewed, we marvel at how young we were and how we remember all our friends. I thank the members for all the pleasures they have given me. I am so thrilled at how the club has grown and how the wish is to still make it better.
-Emily M., member since 1972